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Bioscalin Energy Man 90 Tablets

Bioscalin Energy Man 90 Tablets

Bioscalin Energy Man is a food supplement that promotes male hair strength. Ideal for androgenetic alopecia. With a unique combination of ingredients.

Bioscalin Energy Man 90 Tablets


Bioscalin Energy Man is a dietary supplement developed for progressive hair loss and thinning hair in men, aged 18 years and older.


Bioscalin Energy Men is formulated with:
ATP-3: a patented complex with three active ingredients, Arginine, Caffeine and Carnitine, , involved in the processes of cellular energy metabolism, with recognized energizing action, their combination provides energy to the hair to support its vital functions.
: complex with Ajuga Reptans (European plant) and Biotin. The Ajuga Reptans, with nourishing action, helps inhibit 5 alpha reductase, one of the main causes of hair loss in men. The Biotin helps in maintaining healthy hair.
Pomegranate and Green Coffee extracts: help protect cells from oxidative stress. The Green Coffee has energizing action.
Ubidecarenone, Creatine and Zinc: nutrients that contribute to protein production, favouring the maintenance of healthy hair. The zinc, useful for the synthesis of keratin (component of the hair), used in liposomal form to have a greater bioavailability.
The patented extended release technology increases and improves the action of the active ingredients in the hair.
Gluten-free. Lactose free.


Stronger hair, with less shedding.

How to Use

Intake 1 tablet of Bioscalin Energy Man per day for 2 months, preferably with breakfast or main meal.

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