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Bioscalin Tricovel Tricoage 60 tablets

Bioscalin Tricovel Tricoage 60 tablets

Bioscalin Tricovel Tricoage is a food supplement developed to promote hair strength. Formulated with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal substances. Suitable for use by pre-menopausal and menopausal women. Complete treatment for two months.

Bioscalin Tricovel Tricoage 60 Tablets


is an ideal dietary supplement for pre and menopausal women, when hormonal changes and aging can cause negative effects on hair that can become more brittle, thinner, dry and dull.


acts from within, delivering nutrients to the hair and scalp:
BioEquolo, an innovative and patented exclusive complex of natural origin, composed of fermented Soybeans, Ajuga reptans and specific ingredients such as Biotin, Zinc and Copper. The Biotin, helps maintain normal hair and skin. The Zinc contributes to normal protein production, helps maintain hair, nails and skin and protects cells from unwanted oxidation. The Copper helps in the maintenance of normal hair and skin pigmentation and protects cells from unwanted oxidation.
Folic Acid, promotes the normal production of amino acids.
Formulated with a patented technology, a unique system that associates extended release with a special tablet coating. It allows the progressive release of the active ingredients in the intestine in order to favour optimal absorption. Excellent digestibility.


Stronger, denser and more voluminous hair. Improved overall appearance, with hair that is less dry and easier to comb.

How to Use

Intake 1 tablet of Bioscalin Tricovel Tricoage per day, preferably with breakfast or the main meal.

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