Phyto Phytovolume Champo Volumer 250ml

Phyto Phytovolume Champo Volumer 250ml

Phyto Volume Shampoo Volumador is a shampoo that helps providing volume to finer hair without volume.

Phyto Volume Shampoo Volumador 250ml


Phyto Volume Shampoo Volumador It's a shampoo that helps provide volume to hair thinner and no volume. Cleans the scalp with softness, gives body and revitalizes the hair, without regret. Softens, smooth and reinforce the capillary fiber. Increases the volume and flexibility of the hair. With botanical ingredients that help tone the root of hair, providing more body to fine hair. For thin hair and no volume.


Phyto Volume Volumador Shampoo It has a light texture and a burnt orange appealing coloration. Formulated with bamboo extract (silicon rich), aquilery extracts MIL-leaves and stormilla (astringent and toning properties).


Clean hairs , lightweight and more volume.

Advice for use

Apply Phyto Volume Volumador shampoo in wet hair, with a gentle massage to emulsify. Rinse abundantly.

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