Phyto Specific Thermoperfect Care Sublimator...

Phyto Specific Thermoperfect Care Sublimator Straightener 150ml

Phyto Specific Thermoperfect Care sublimator straightener is a thermal protector for curly hair, beaded, curly and undisciplined.

Phyto Specific Thermoperfect Sublimator Care 150ml


Phyto Specific Thermoperfect Sublimental Care Sublimator Straighter It's a thermal hair protector Curly, beaded, curly and undisciplined. Protective care 8 in 1 - straightener, anticalor shield, repairman, antiquebra, anti-eschura, antifreeze, flexibility and glow, for smoother hair, stronger and flexible. It provides protection against heat while moisturizing, gives brightness and stylizes the hairstyle. It provides deep hydration and nutrition. Repairs the damage of the capillary fiber. Can be used in dry hair. No silicones and without sulfates. For textured, curly and beaded hair.


Phyto Specific Thermoperfect Sublimental Care Sublimator Aliser It has a light and untilious texture, with A sweet floral fragrance with almond notes and anis-star. Formulated with karité butter, grape extract and altea extract.


Stronger, smooth and flexible hair.

Advice of use
< P> Apply Phyto Specific Thermoperfect Sublimator Care Sublimator In humid hair, from length to tips. Do not rinse.

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