Phyto Squam Intensive Anti-Intensive Care...

Phyto Squam Intensive Anti-Intensive Care Shampoo 125ml

Phyto Squam Intensive Care Shampoo is a severe anti-Testation shampoo, which helps eliminate dandruff quickly and avoiding its reappearance.

Phyto Squam Anti-Intensive Care Shampoo 125ml


Phyto Squam Care Shampoo intensive It's a shampoo Severe Anti-Treatment, which helps eliminate dandruff quickly and avoid their reappearance. Instantly diminishes the sensations of discomfort. Quickly eliminates the scales and softens the scalp and associated descamations. Tested under dermatological control. For all kinds of hair with severe dandruff and pruritus.


Phyto Squam Intensive Anti-Intensive Care Shampoo Has a smooth and effective lavanta based against dandruff. Formulated with black pepper, wooden guiana and willow extracts.


Soft, bright and clean hair. Usage advice

Apply phyto square intensive care shampoo in wet hair and directly on the scalp, separating risk by risk for a greater effect. Let it work for 5 to 7 minutes, massage and rinse abundantly. Use as a cure for 2 weeks.

To maintain your anti-wire efficacy and limit relapses, use the maintenance shampoo Phyto Phytosquam Maintenance Purifying Champo.

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